Welcome to our Partners Page
Journey to Horizon has teamed up with professionals in different fields. Each of our partners specialize in a type of healing which is solely based on Natural methods.

This means there are no “side affects” to any treatment given to our clients.

Although we do stand behind and support some forms of the western medical practice, we are well aware that curing or healing is not limited to the western culture.

We know that the body is a unity of 4 components; these being Mind, Emotions, Body and Spirit/Energy and therefore strive to sync these areas when guiding/treating our clients.
In our platform you can find professionals in areas such as:
• Vito Therapy
• Homeopathy
• Acupuncture
• Chiropractory
• Crystal healing
• Past Life Therapy
• Shamanism
• Reiki
• Pranic Healing
• Bush Doctor practices

We here at Journey to Horizon strive at healing the cause of the “problem”, rather than curing the symptoms.
We have professionals that offer their services in different fields and in different stages.
Their services vary from:
• Mental/Emotional Healing
• Body healing (such as illnesses and diseases)
• Energy Healing.

Each of these services can be approached in various stages such as:-
• Preventative state
• Curative state
• Acute state.

Being based in Suriname and blessed with a rich Eco system and a diverse cultural system; many of our ancestors have handed down their wisdom year after year.

Together with that practice and knowledge in herbs, Some of our professionals are dedicated in using traditional medicine to treat various illnesses and diseases. While others are specialized in scientifically proven therapies, that supports the body to recovery.

The Surinamese Culture is so diverse, that Journey to Horizon is honored to have professionals in our team who have studied and practice native medicine varying from Indian culture, Chinese culture, Javanese culture, Creole and Amerindian culture.

Click on any link below for a short biography of our professionals, the work they have done, the services they offer and their contact information.