Journey to Horizon

Journey to Horizon is a place that represents Safety, Trustworthiness, Non-Judgement and Calmness.
We believe that life hands us “obstacles”, so that we can learn and grow from each experience.

However, we also know that not everyone is blessed with the right “guidance”.

Therefore, if you are experiencing any type of inner-struggle or better said a “dis-balance” and long for someone to talk to, someone who takes the time to listen to you or someone who will understand you; and you are READY to get the push you need to follow “Your Right Direction”; then Journey to Horizon is the place to be.
We offer:
1. 1 on 1 coaching sessions  (also available via SKYPE; for our International Clients)
2. Couples coaching
3. Group coaching
We also offer various transformational workshops. Each of our workshops are “theme” based and designed to focus on core areas that influence our decision making habits.

Journey to Horizon not only focuses on the Mental/Emotional build up of our clients but we also look further into the “story of the body”. We know that everything we think, feel, say and do are made up of energy particles and these vibrate on an energy level; naked to the eye.
During this time we unconsciously attract symptoms to our body such as accidents, illnesses and diseases.

That is why, we have partnered up with various professionals to ensure that we have the right people in line waiting to help you get the “Right Guidance”
We call this the “Total Human Being” approach.
Here at Journey to Horizon, we can guide you in all aspects of your life; these being Mind, Emotions, Body and Spirit.

If you are interested in looking into all of your options; click on this link (…) to visit our Partners page.

We know that everyone has the power of choice, the power of will, the power of practice and therefore the POWER to CHANGE.
So if you are READY to make that change, then we are more than ready to help you get to where you want to be!!