Erika van der Mark is the founder of Journey to Horizon and a remarkable, self-driven young woman whom genuinely cares about the wellbeing of others.
Her open and non- judgmental character serves as a magnet for people’s trust.
This quality has allowed her to establish deep connections with people all over the world.

Born and raised on the beautiful island of St. Maarten, she has had the privilege of going to school, working with and meeting people of various cultures.

Apart from her warm and caring nature, she also has a passion for dance and performing.

Upon completing her secondary education in St. Maarten she moved to the Netherlands to pursue her tertiary studies in Hotel Management and Tourism, which she proudly completed in 2007.

During her years of study she also gained work experience in two amazing 5 Star Hotels; the Radisson SAS Hotel in Amsterdam and the Westin Hotel in Rotterdam.

She later moved to Suriname in 2007 and applied for a job at Consolidated Industries Cooperation N.V. It was at this point in her life where she got valuable life lessons. Apart from adapting once again to new surroundings, she found herself dealing with a whole new and different culture and mindset than she was accustomed to.

Nevertheless, she managed to build herself up within the company being promoted from Export Coordinator to Assistant Manager of Exports and Plastics and finally to Logistics Manager.

During these functions she gained business experience in Marketing, Company Logistics and ISO- Certification.
Along with that experience she also gained insight into the different levels of Communication (domestic and international).

Her Leadership skills were put to the test when she was promoted to Logistic Manager. She humbly formed within her department team unity and her favorite accomplishment was to establish trust in her non-trusting department.
Skills which she would use further in the future.

Her career as Logistic Manager ended in 2012 when she consciously decided to dedicate her time and energy to her family. During this time she motivated and supported her husband in his career and loved and nurtured their kids, ensuring that they all were happy.

After 3 years of giving her all to her family, she experienced a “rebirth” and picked back up her career. She felt a “calling” and started her journey in becoming a Coach.

In 2014 she started her training in life coaching and was offered a job at “Within Life Coaching and Healing”. Tariq Sadiek founder and director of the company; gave her the freedom to gain experience by solely coaching individuals as well as teams in various companies.

In 2016, she furthered her education by specializing in Spiritual Coaching; which she also followed at Dynamic Wellness Strategies in Fort Lauderdale, USA.

After her new found knowledge, and being greatly inspired by the transformation her clients where making, she played with the idea of starting her own company.

After expressing her idea and being unconditionally supported by her colleagues Tariq Sadiek and Lianne Gerth, she gained courage and started her own company in December 2016, called “Journey to Horizon N.V.”

Erika understood that in order to be able to fully achieve the goals she had established with her company, she had to yet again, deepen her knowledge. She then decided to invest her time in understanding Spirituality.

In February 2017 she started the Basic training in Past Life Therapy at “Stichting PALITHER Suriname” and in December 2017, she underwent a Vipassana Meditation Retreat; where she practiced silence and mindfulness for 10 days.
During these 10 days, she not only practiced mindfulness; she also gained Inner Peace, a higher form of Self-Worth, observed the many forms of Doekha & Impermanence and achieved Mental Liberation in various aspects of her life.

Her Goal with “Journey to Horizon N.V.” is to offer her clients a safe, non-judgmental and peaceful environment where they release their self-made “image” and find their inner peace and happiness.

She has aspirations in writing her own book one day and looks forward to contributing her knowledge in order to help others to find their higher-self.

Her Motto is: To believe in something and not to live it, is to be dishonest to oneself!

Erika looks at life as a journey and she knows that everyone has the potential to be who they want to be. This is why she is now dedicating her time in creating workshops, trainings and offers coaching sessions to trigger a positive change in those who seek it. She has learned great things from various people and she strongly believes in paying her knowledge forward!